Hi, I'm Heather

I'm a London-based developer, designer, and writer

Front-End Development

I ♥ semantic HTML5, cutting-edge CSS, sensible JavaScript, responsive design and accessibility

I'm a junior developer and Founders & Coders alumnus, with experience in building websites and web apps for a wide audience.

As a developer, I want to be part of building a more inclusive, fair and sustainable tech industry. I write and speak on ethical issues in tech and gaming and am involved with a number of tech education and diversity initiatives.


I ♥ user-focused web design, as well as more traditional graphic design for both print and web, particularly brand identity work

My interests range from UI/UX and data visualisation to logo design and typography.

Freelance Writing

I ♥ writing about pop culture, the tech industry, and intersectional feminism. If I'm very lucky, I get to write about all three at the same time

My work has featured in Book Riot, Bitch Flicks, #FeministFest, and a variety of zines.

(I also like tea, videogames, and classic funk and soul)